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Seminar Series on the UN Disability Convention

The Scottish Human Rights Commission has begun to host online seminars on the CRPD. The rationale for holding the seminars is that there is promote accessible information on the CRPD and how it relates to persons lived experiences. Seminar 1: The first seminar examined disability equality and human rights in the context of public spending cuts and welfare reform. Each seminar runs for an hour and is scheduled 12 -1pm – so that they can be viewed during lunchtime… The first seminar ran on Monday 12 December 2011 and examined Rights in a Recession. Seminar 2: The next seminar is scheduled for 16 January 2012 and is entitled “Getting Justice”. The guest speaker will be from the Legal Services Agency and the seminar will cover some things disabled people have already told the Commission’s about access to justice – such as concerns from learning disabled people about using and accessing the court system, fears about reporting harassment and alternatives to court action – then the seminar will outline what the Convention says about access to justice and about how the Convention could be used in Scotland. You can join the next live seminar:

Seminar 3: 13 February 2012: Independent Living
Seminar 4: 12 March 2012: Children and Young People

For some information on viewing and participating in these seminars see here.

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