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European Disability Forum is Recruiting a Human Rights Officer

The European Disability Forum (EDF) is currently seeking a human rights officer,  The EDF is the European umbrella organisation composed of and led by persons with disabilties, representing the interests of 80 million disabled persons in Europe. ImageThe mission of EDF is to ensure persons with disabilities full access to fundamental and human rights through their active involvement in policy development and implementation in Europe. EDF works closely with the institutions of the European Union (EU), the Council of Europe and the United Nations.  The deadline for applicartions is  6/04/2012.  For more information see here.

EDF is seeking a Human Rights Officer with good knowledge and experience on human rights, non-discrimination, and equality including gender equality issues. The ideal candidate is:

  • committed to a human rights/social model approach to disability
  • understanding and knowledge of the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities
  • with a good understanding of working in the political and civil society environment
  • he/she is able to work effectively in English and French and to assimilate and communicate information
  • the knowledge of EU policies, EU institutions and procedures will be an important asset.

Main Duties:

  • All tasks are to be implemented on the basis of decisions adopted by the governing bodies of the EDF, mainly in the areas of theimplementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, mainstreaming of disability in human rights work at EU level, non-discrimination, women’s rights, and health equality.
  • Monitor developments , policies and actions in relation to disability covering the fields of main responsibility at EU and UN level
  • Alert  the EDF to threats and opportunities for disabled people at EU level: implementation of EU adopted legislation in the area of anti-discrimination and EDF strategy towards further legislation, implementation of equality and anti-discrimination provisions of EU Treaties, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, gender equality and health equality
  • Inform  EDF members of the opportunities to engage in international human rights work, including at the level of the UN Treaty bodies and the Human Rights Council
  • Provide  user-friendly information for EDF members on policy and legislative initiatives covering the fields of main responsibility
  • Research  and write briefings and reports on policy and legislative initiatives and programmes
  • Write  regular pieces for the EDF newsletters and other publications
  • Assist in the development of campaigning strategies in the implementation of the UN CRPD, fundamental rights and non-discrimination, and equality for women with disabilities
  • Provide political intelligence and a political overview
  • Provide legal expertise in the area of human rights and non-discrimination
  • Support the preparation of thealternative report of the EDF to the UN CRPD Committee
  • Prepare the written submission on the basis of analysis of work at EU level and EU report, in consultation with EDF members
  • Foster close links and co-operation with members on human rights and non-discrimination matters and to support the advisory group on the UN CRPD as well as the women’s committee
  • To provide support for the agenda setting and documents for the preparation of internal meetings
  • Support EDF in developing contacts with the EU institutions, as well as international human rights bodies and organisations
  • Support EDF work towards the International Disability Alliance, mainstream human rights NGOs and gender equality NGOs
  • Undertake research and provide background briefings and information for members and external organisations on request
  • Provide the required comprehensive and tailored information about EU matters to effectively support EDF members in their work
  • Facilitate EDF members’ involvement in the process of implementation of the CRPD at national level and in reporting to the UN Committee on the rights of persons with disabilities through information and training
  • Assist in the preparation required for EDF meetings and meetings between EDF and external organisations and actors

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